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  Monday thru Friday Saturdays Sundays  
12:00AM MON- Davinchi's Inquest, TUE-SAT Cold Case Files Off Beat cinema  
1:00AM The Collector, TUE-SAT Cold Squad  
2:00AM Paid Program Paid Program  
2:30AM Paid Program Paid Program  
3:00 AM Paid Programing    Paid Programming Paid Programing    
7:00 AM Wild America (E/I)  
7:30 AM Edgemont (E/I)  
8:00 AM Yoga TV Edgemont (E/I)  
8:30 AM Pilates TV Edgemont (E/I) Heart of Health  
9:00 AM Crosswords Edgemont (E/I) Paid Programming   
9:30 AM Crosswords Edgemont (E/I)  
10:00 AM Robin Hood Black Beauty Black Beauty  
10:30 AM The Cisco Kid Black Beauty Black Beauty  
11:00 AM Tarzan Lassie    Crook & chase  
11:30 AM Robin Hood Lassie  
12:00 PM Daytime Robin Hood    Robin Hood    
12:30 PM Hollyscoop The Comedy Shop  
1:00 PM Robin Hood  The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet   
1:30 PM The Cisco Kid The New Zorro (1990)  
2:00 PM Movin' On  Tarzan     
3:00 PM Naked City Cisco Kid    The Adventures of Jim Bowie  
3:30 PM Cisco Kid  The Adventures of Jim Bowie  
4:00 PM Route 66   Hopalong Cassidy   Cisco Kid  
4:30 PM Hopalong Cassidy  Cisco Kid  
5:00 PM The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet The Joey Bishop Show  Bill Cosby Show (1969)  
5:30 PM The Beverly Hillbllies The Joey Bishop Show Bill Cosby Show (1969)  
6:00 PM The Real McCoys Beverly Hillbillies Soupy Sales  
6:30 PM Hopalong Cassidy Beverly Hillbillies Soupy Sales  
7:00 PM The Campbells The Colgate Comedy Hour Naked City  
7:30 PM Bill Cosby Show (1969) Naked City  
8:00 PM Highway To heaven Route 66 Route 66  
9:00 PM I Spy The Saint  
10:00 PM The Saint Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive In   I Spy     
11:00 PM DaVinci's Inquest Disasters of The century  
SF Giants Baseball Clovis VW


There are currently no Giant's Games scheduled to air.


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